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  1. Whilst it is a novel idea, this wouldn't work due to the fundamental way in which Minehut functions, attempting to make a http request to edit a file using Minehut's API while your player server is offlline, fails to return code 200, and results in an error. This could in theory work, but would require a massive overhaul of Minehut's internal services, and API (which would be nice regardless).
  2. I am not exactly suggesting that someone would copy the web panel, mainly just add in individualized features which would improve the experience in areas where the minehut panel is lacking or is plane out missing basic features. I am also not suggesting that the "new" panel would be public, and in most cases would be for personal of the creator only. Although, someone may re-make the entire web panel and make it better than the existing one, and then offer it to the minehut developers and administrators for them to implement, this is more along the line of what I am suggesting. I thankyou for your concern, and you brought up a very good point.
  3. Pexien


    People who are often not as familiar with the terms used during development often make don't understand the differences between different development types of software development (those being scripts, interpretative languages, and compile-able languages) and as a result they don't use the proper terminology. It would not be completely wrong for a person with minimal to no coding experience to think that the file (script) in which they are editing can be defined as the language or architecture in which it is built upon. For example, one could say "Send the java script that you are working on" and it would be technically correct due to the fact that the person is requesting code written in java script. As for why people refer to people who are familiar/fluent with Skript as "skripters" may very well be similar to the reasons stated above, including the fact that in the English language often the name of an occupation and be reasonably figured out by adding "er" to the work that is being done, ex. Plumber (a person who works with plumbing), or Electrician (someone who works with electricity and electrical appliances.) There ignorance may not be without merit, this doesn't make them correct however, but it is in a sense understandable.
  4. Pexien

    Minehut API Authorization

    So, recently I have been playing around with the Minehut API and making various server analytic services. I'm using jQuery/Ajax to make the different requests, I tried to get data from an endpoint which requires authorization, and I tried multiple things including sending the auth_token through the header, and I played around with other options within Insomnia; I haven't been able to successfully get any data which requires authorization, and this may be in part to the fact that I am relatively new to APIs and web development as opposed to more local and system services development, any help on how to add authorization to different requests would be great, thanks! API Documentation: https://pexien.github.io/Minehut/api-documentation/ (Luke's API documentation isn't working)
  5. Minehut's API is all public, meaning that someone with enough time, determination, and ingenuity could re-make minehut's entire web panel with all of the current features and more. This is a great idea, and would love to see some advancements to the web panel for minehut.
  6. This has already been discussed multiple times, and the answer for now at least is no, because that opens up to many vulnerabilities in the way the minehut works. This would not only jeopardize the server the plugin is stored on, but potentially other servers on the minehut network along with server data, which could lead to another data breach/ loss incident.
  7. This is just not how minecraft servers at their core work, but the idea still does not remain a novelty as it has been suggested many times before. A minecraft server (based off of bukkit and spigot) at its core can be started by using java -jar server-file.jar which begins the processes that allow the server to function, and it continues to be in this phase of initialization until is has completed that cycle and then players can join, then the server can be stopped at any time using the stop command in minecraft. You cannot simply restart the server as it needs to completely shutdown its services before being completely shut down, this however can be remedied by running a script to start a new server instance while the existing server is shutting down, but this is simply not how minehuts infrastructure works.
  8. I have been messing around with the minehut API and I noticed that every now and then the $.getJSON() function in jquery would either fail or time out, its nice to know that you guys are on top of this and working to keep minehut up and stable, along with some of its other services and aspects.
  9. Thankyou for the the clarification, I agree that files with the .sk extension should be supported; thankyou for pointing out the fact that yaml configuration files do not support tabs.
  10. Pexien

    upload plugins

    -1 plus this isn't how minehut works, from a fundamental standpoint For example Reqn was not created with malicious intent, and it is even open source; reqn was used to exploit certain aspects of the network in order for them to gain access to files, if this was done my using a plugin with no malicious intent, imagine how much damage could be caused by a plugin completely external to minehut. In addition, minehut needs t o make forks of multiple plugins in order to make and maintain one which works with minehut and to patch any security flaws that may adversely affect the running of the server and minehut's servives, maintaining and patching this many plugins on such a large scale would be virtually impossible.
  11. yeah, some more de-cluttering of no longer functioning features would be nice.
  12. This brings up concerns about the fundamental backbone of minehut (the API) which is where when you make a get request for the status of a server it requires authorization, the authorization however cannot be granted to anyone on the fly, let alone someone in the hub. There is also the solution of getting all of the servers through a get request via https://api.minehut.com/servers but this proves to be inefficient and slow to do on-the-fly queries. Perhaps a cached list which is periodically updated which this can poll from, but I digress; this is just the view from a developer external to minehut so they may have another solution, but don't get your hopes to high for a feature as simple as this may sound, because often when you have simple sounding features that haven't been implemented, it means it is more complicated than what appears to be on the surface.
  13. execute console command "/menu open %player% MShop"
  14. Pexien

    Skript Text After Command

    yes, you can do that in skript, the text after the command doesn't only have to be text, it can be any object (number, item, text, player, etc.) and they are called arguments. so in skript if you want to use arguments in a command you can do the following command /command <text>: trigger: send "This is your argument: %arg-1%" to command executor You call a argument by typing arg followed by which argument it is set as in the command event (starting at 1 from left to right) You can also have multiple arguments, which follow the same structure as the first and you just refer to them as their order (arg-1, arg-2, arg-3, etc.)
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