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As many of you know, I have a bad past of toxicity, I'd like to say sorry for any disrespect done I'm a skripter, and (i suck) a builder. Skripting is better when you name yourself after a plugin 👍

So why was I toxic?

Well, I don't know.  If you want a skripter, hit at skUniversal#9518 😛  ---- My goal on Minehut is to gain friends- and to learn how to operate a server and own one. I'm still learning somewhat how do use some Skript functions, and it's pretty easy. If you want to learn Skript, I fully support you and think you'll do good. Follow Skript tutorials!

About me!

I'm from the United States and live in Pennsylvania. I was born May 9th to two wonderful parents, and a somewhat crazy, but funny, brother. Currently, my doctors have found out I have ADHD 👍 Living with ADHD is like living with a brain that goes "OH HEY LOOK AT THAT PIECE OF PAPER WITH A LITTLE GREY SPOT ON IT!" Enough of that, let's get on with my life. I have somewhat good grades and made Honor Roll in school this year. I take medicine to calm my ADHD so I can focus! As I open my computer to go on Minehut, I think "Oh finally. School is over for today and I can go back to my server." By this time, my medicine wears off, and my brain thinks "Did I do this today?" "I forgot something!" "What?" "What was I doing!?" "Oh no.. My server is offline!" etc.. I have Anxiety as well and take medicine for that too. Before the medicine, I refused school but was forced. We practice school shooting drills which is pretty hard for me. The medicines I take calm me down and relax my brain, thus making me forget about those things. Back to my online life, right? I started playing Minehut late 2016. It was fun, Luuke still was on often. I own MHItems which was on the Top Tens a few times! I'm a drama king lol. MHItems used to be #1, we sold on our store frequently! Now, our server is never too popular and reaches about 15 players.

Alright, my hands hurt.

Skript Plugin out I guess?




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Welcome to the forums my fellow gamer 👋

Community Support Lead

Discord: Criticyl#0869

Minehut Vip - 2018/2019
Received Junior Moderator - April 28th 2019

Promoted to Senior Moderator - July 21st 2019

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