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  1. it means times 2, so it doubles.
  2. Koroonotchii gave a good answer, here's a bit more depth, too. format gui slot 0 of player with item named "&4Name" lored "&dYas" to run: open virtual chest with size 3 named "Page 2" to player etcetc # 0 is the first slot
  3. From the console: /op (your ign)
  4. nice! can i recommend, putting "give {_item} * 2 to player"? oh i just did recommend that
  5. I saw you saying this, but i didn't believe it.
  6. O: HOW?! I know it used to be a thing, but ... o:
  7. Welcome! if you're new to Minehut, welcome to curseland because people curse a lot in the lobby and in player servers.. But, don't let that scare you. A lot of people here are nice. if you're only new to the forums, welcome to a less horrible place
  8. Hello there. I too have anxiety and bad OCD.
  9. ok idk what mh/ is it is like r/ but here is a showerthought for all of you. if you're a Minehut mod... do you volunteer at SLG? ik this is stupid but whatever
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