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  1. Here's my argument! U-uh... He.. OKAY FINE HE'S AWESOME.
  2. Thanks! I'll have to do it later, as there are a couple of people online, at the moment.
  3. Ohh, I think it might be because I still haven't downloaded EssentialsChat yet.. Could that be it?
  4. Yes, but the way the skript is set up, it cancels the event when you speak, and broadcasts it with your prefix.
  5. @Nd_ command /prefix [<text>] [<player>]: trigger: set {prefix.%player%} to "&3%arg 1%" if arg 2 is set: set {prefix.%arg 2%} to "&3%arg 1%" on chat: cancel event broadcast "%{prefix.%player%}%&8 %{nick.%player%}%&3:&f %message%" command /nickme [<text>] [<player>]: trigger: set {nick.%player%} to "&3%arg 1%" if arg 2 is set: set {nick.%arg 2%} to "&3%arg 1%"
  6. Hi! I just got a prefix system working with Skript, but can't get colorcodes like &4 &2 etc working. How do you do that? Thanks!
  7. @Nd_@Xeno_Synthesis Still isn't working.. Did they update it?
  8. I'm trying to make a warn system, and am pretty new to Skripting. I tried this: command /test2 [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: send "&4You have been warned by &c%sender%: &8%arg 2%" to %arg 1% but it didn't work. How do I target the player specified in the command?
  9. @MikeTheAngel Hi, sorry. I didn't know where I should have put it. Sorry.
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