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Please help me, I need help!!


I am trying to make my single player world file into my minehut server world (and i dont want it as a /worlds thing, i want it so that when you log in you log in to that single player file). I have spent hours trying to figure this out, can someone help me I would greatly appreciate that.  

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Moved to Community Support. Please post in the correct section next time.

(Also I'm a bit conflicted on giving you the correct answer since you don't want it to be in /worlds. You could upload the singleplayer world and then /setspawn and /setworldspawn in it. This would make you log into that world upon joining the server. You'd need to have essentials and essentials spawn though. You could also do the same thing but upload it through multiverse if you'd like an alternative.)

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Even if he upload it, it'll appear as ul_(world) on the Worlds list. You can hide your Worlds using skript  if you don't want People to see it. 

little exemple here:

on command "/worlds":

    cancel event

    send "&7No Worlds for you" 


To make the world your official one, check out MH Tutorial about How :


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