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How to play NoteBlockAPI songs with skript

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I recently found out how to play NoteBlockAPI songs (.nbs files) through skript, and it wasn't really easy, nor any tutorials about it. So thought I would share how you do it with you guys. 

Versions tested:

Skript, Skript-reflect, NoteBlockAPI


command /playsong:
    permission: op
        set {_file2} to NBSDecoder.parse(new File("plugins/Songs/YourSongNameHere.nbs"))
        set {_song} to New RadioSongPlayer({_file2})

How to use:

step 1: download all of the plugins listed above.
step 2: Go into the plugins folder and create a new folder called "Songs"
step: 3 Put the songs you want inside of that folder.( It has to be a .nbs file) How to create a .nbs file song: https://opennbs.org/

step 4: add the skript.

step 5: in the line " set {_file2} to NBSDecoder.parse(new File("plugins/Songs/YourSongNameHere.nbs")) " edit YourSongNameHere to the name of the song you put inside the song folder

step 6: Reload the skript, do /playsong, enjoy.

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