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Farming Quest (in case somebody needs it) It isnt fully done but it will do

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So basically me and my friend made a skript for quest. It was made for farming servers but if you want to you can edit it however you want 😄



#made by Tarry And Noel

on break of ripe carrot plant:
  if {1done::%player's uuid%} is true:
    send "&8&lYou have already completed the quest &6&lCarrot Cropper"
    cancel event
    if {q1ready::%player's uuid%} is true:
      add 1 to {quest1::%player's uuid%}
      send "&8&lCarrots mined %{quest1::%player's uuid%}%/1000"
      set event-block to carrot plant
      remove 1 carrot from player's inventory
      set {_drops::*} to drops of block with player's tool
      clear the drops
      give player {_drops::*}
      if {quest1::%player's uuid%} >= 1000:
        send "&8&lYou have completed the quest &6&lCarrot Cropper" to player
        set {1done::%player's uuid%} to true
on right click on entity:
    if name of entity is "&eFarmer":
        if {1done::%player's uuid%} is false:
            send "&cOh hello, Im farmer just moved here heard crops grow faster here" to player
            wait 2 seconds
            send "&cCan you help me out with something? just some small help nothing too big" to player
            wait 3 seconds
            send "&cAlright thanks, i need 1000 carrots thats all come back to me after you done it and i will give you a lilte something" to player
            set {q1ready::%player's uuid%} to true
            if {1done::%player's uuid%} is true:
                send "&cHey your back, Thank you for helping me out here is your reward"
                set {1reward::%player's uuid%} to false
                if {1reward::%player's uuid%} is false:
                    add 150 to {tokens::%player's uuid%}
                    set {1reward::%player's uuid%} to true
                    if {1reward::%player's uuid%} is true:
                        send "&cOh hey do you like your reward? (if you want more do quests from other npcs)" to player

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Cool skript!

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