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while true loop


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on spawn of a zombie:
	zombie is alive:
		while true:
			set path targets of event-zombie to location of a random player out of all players
			apply speed 1 without any particles to event-zombie for 5 seconds
			wait 5 seconds

I tried to make it so every 5 seconds it sets the path targets of a zombie to the location of a random player, but there is no output for some reason..? I tried putting broadcast on there as well and it wouldn't broadcast anything. Any advice on what I did wrong?

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Because there is nothing that is true. What's true? You're saying while true but as far as Skript is concerned, that's a new line that has nothing to do with the zombie. So what is true?

No. You would want to include everything on the same line. As such:


on spawn of zombie:
	set {_e} to last spawned zombie
	while {_e} is alive:
		wait 1 second


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