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how do i op myself

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Just to let you know, this isn't the place to ask this, I suggest Community Support, but here's your answer anyways


Hope on to minehut's panel

Make sure your logged in if not already, and start up the server if it isn't online.

Once you see the server status on Online

Click on the Enter a server command text box and type in "op AlexIsACarrot10"

Click the Send button and you should be opped!


I know a lot of Skript and learning Java

I'm currently part of the community event team ( Development Team )


Feel free to contact me at @Santio71#3822


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➡️ This post has been Moved to Community Support- please post in the correct sections of forums!

And, 🔒Locked- the question has been answered!

Just someone who plays Minecraft

Discord - xmuel | sam#9999


Minehut VIP - Sometime in 2017

Minehut PRO- July 13th 2019

Minehut Junior Moderator - August 1st 2019


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