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inspect player issue

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on right click with book:
	if name of tool of player is "&cInspect Player &7(Rightclick)":
		if targeted player is set:
			open the targeted player's inventory for the player
			send "&aNow inspecting &2%targeted player%"
			send "&aHealth: &2%targeted player's health%"
			send "&aPlaytime: &2%targeted player's time played%"
			send "&aRank: %targeted player's prefix%"

this sometimes gets sent to the player im inspecting


edit: its completely random if it gets sent to me or the player

no idea why it happens but its extremely annoying

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Its sending it to the player that you clicked? It shouldn't be doing that. Try putting to player at the end of the send message. Like send " " to player to see if that targets the player instead of the clicked player.

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