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Appreciate new staff?

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Hey yall!

Please dont hate me for this okay? I just tried to view this topic from another perspective.

In the recent days - since the great staff revamp happened - the new satff recieved a lot of hate and bad feedback in general. I myself am not a fan of the fact that the old staff had to be replaced with untrained new Mods. However, I think after all they just do what they are told to by SLG. SLG tells them to make the community a place empty of sarcasm or jokes, they do it. SLG tells them to mute everyone using caps once, they do it. SLG tells them to just do anything and they will do it since they get paid for it. In the end it's not the fault of the new staff, it's just SLG completely failing at making their server a nice and high quality place for players. You see, it's basically their job. They do what they are told to and I'm certain that they will sooner or later also get rid of the many false punsihments.

So can anyone tell my why in the world the new staff has to handle all of the communitys anger about SLG's failure?



nvm lmao

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