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[IMPORTANT] Avoid "Rage Posting"



While we understand that certain things can annoy you or ruin your gameplay experience, it's best when providing Suggestions and Feedback that you keep your posts in a cool, calm, and collected manner. If your post is driven by anger, contains curse words, attacks users/staff, blames users, or you feel the need to put [RANT] or [RAGE] in the title - then it's probably best you hold off for a bit and edit it later on before posting.

Our ability to know what users want is dependent upon this section, angry or distracted posts help nobody and will commonly end up in either a flame war or locked. On our server  [Hosted by minehut - https://minehut.com]  we always try our best to keep things working when new versions come to minehut or when our games seem to not work, So please make everyone's lives easier, don't rage and post. Thanks! 


Vip (Unknown) >> Jr.Mod 30/10/2019 >> Mod 30/12/2019

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