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command /venomsword:
    aliases: vs,venoms,vsword
    permission: vs.use
    permission message: &8&l[&c&l!&8&l] &9&lNo permission
        give player diamond sword named "&2&lVenom &a&lSword" with lore "&c&lPoison V"
on damage:
 if attacker is player:
  if attacker's tool is a diamond sword named "&2&lVenom &a&lSword" with lore "&c&lPoison V":
   apply potion of poison 5 to victim for 3 seconds
   send "&2&l[&4&lVenom&2&l] &4&lYou feel venom flow through your blood" to victim

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4 hours ago, RemixIsPog said:

how do i add more lore i ahve a problem i made another line of lore and it doesnt work


dont necro, but to add more lore you do this

....... with lore "My line 1", "My line 2" and "&c&klol &r&5&lMy super cool line &c&klol"





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