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Warn skript (needs improvement)

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command /warn [<player>] [<text>]:
    permission: warn.use
    permission message: &8&l[&c&l!&8&l] &3&lNo permission
        if arg 1 is set:
            send "&c&lYou have been warned by %player% for %arg 2%" to arg 1
            send "&c&lYou warned %arg 1% for %arg 2%"
            add 1 to {warns.::%uuid of arg 1%}

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Here are some things you can add 🙂

1) A way to view the warns of player
2) A way to "unwarn" a player



Likes are appreciated ❤️


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On 5/13/2021 at 3:32 PM, Wimfish said:

            add 1 to {warns.::%uuid of arg 1%}

That will not work!

Examples could be!

# add 1 to {warnsamout.%uuid of %arg-1%}

# Because :: Would make it send "1,1,1,1"
# Instead of 4

# Also make it log it like

# Add "%nl% &cWarn - for %arg-1%" to {warns::%player's uuid%}



• 4-5 years of skript experience
• 6 Months of active java experience
• 2 Years of javascript and python experience


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