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how do i move the spawn protection?



my server has a few problems one of them is spawn protection, my goal is to make a spawn base deep in the taiga biome/snowy taiga biome i wanted a good smp for my friends but i cant let my friends play for now because the server is broken i keep on trying to move the spawn protection but lead to nothing i need help with this problem

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Easy way to do that. Would be installing world-guard, and creating a flag on the area You want the spawn to be.
/rg flags {flag You created} block-break/place deny.

Requires World Guard

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Hi there @applejuice12,

To check and see if you have spawn protection enabled on the server, go to the "SETTINGS" tab, scroll down until you see "Spawn Protection" all the way at the bottom. If it is not set to 0, set it to 0 and then press "SAVE", then reload the server.

Hope this helps!

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