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My server wont work



I can start up the server but when i load in its just 1 chunk and the rest is void. I fell in the void twice in the over world. When my friends try to join it says please connect to a fall back server and it has been doing this for a week now and after 10 sec in the server it kicks me out help? 

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Hi there, there seems to be some issues going on with your server.  I have some questions and requests about the situation from you

1) How long ago did this problem start occuring?

2) Can you think of anything that might have happeed in this server to cause the crash?

3) Are you able to join the server at all? Does the server crash when someone joins or does it take for some time for it to crash?

4) Do you mind sharing with us, in a pastebin.com, your server's logs? Here is a guide I made on how to access your latest logs:

Hope this helps!

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Did you change the tickspeed or spawn a lot of items by any chance? You can make sure neither of these problems are present by doing this:

  1. Start your server and do not join
  2. Go to your server Dashboard
  3. Find the Send console command box in the Appearance tab
  4. Send the commands gamerule randomTickSpeed 3 (case sensitive) and minecraft:kill @e[type=item]
  5. Now join your server to see if it worked

If it didn't help, do you have any Skript scripts loaded that are too heavy for the server? This could be for example a while loop without a delay. If you are uncertain, you can share your logs

To share your logs:

  1. Wait for your server to start
  2. Join the server
  3. If it crashes, go to your server's Dashboard
  4. File Manager -> logs -> latest.log
  5. Click inside the log file and use the shortcut Ctrl + A to select everything, then use Ctrl + C to copy
  6. Paste the logs on https://pastebin.com/ with Ctrl + V, hit Create Paste at the bottom and reply with the link you now see in the URL box


DMs open - Discord » mrtibo | or send a forum message

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