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How to make a clickable discord url?


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Hi there,

A skript like this should work.

  link_discord: <discordlink>
command /discord:
    send "&aVisit our discord here: &b{@link_discord}"


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35 minutes ago, Splxshy said:

It doesnt work. I have to type it manually for myself.

You can do one of the following:


Method 1 (Enable link parsing in config.sk, found at /plugins/Skript/)

Once you are in this file, look for the following option:


As you can see, it's currently disabled. Change this to lenient, save your file, and use /sk reload config in-game.

If it still doesn't work, try restarting your server after this is done.


Method 2 (Using the <link:> component to make your text clickable)

Here is an example on how you can make clickable text:

send "Join our discord server: <link:https://discord.gg/minehut>CLICK HERE<reset>"

The text "CLICK HERE" is now clickable. Feel free to change it to "discord.gg/minehut" if you want to make it look classic.

Hope that helps.

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