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  1. No, I didnt mean it. I meant like the stg like StarBunnie said. ( sgt: would be to autowrite something in chat but not sending it)
  2. can you make the message because I don't understand anything lol. The ad message will be /ad CrystlSB | Skyblock Server | Active Owner | Staff Needed | S2 Just Started | Thanks EDIT: I meant the stg one
  3. I removed some stuff above it what I tried, it got 101 errors now smh
  4. I made a new sk file with only yours in it
  5. I have advancedban so theres no point rly
  6. If you can make 2 guis, I was thinking like for staff its like a banning/kicking/muting stuff but for normal/default ranks its a reporting gui. and the staff gui perm would be "staffgui.use"
  7. I was thinking of a report gui thing? Kinda (for staff) so like. You right click a player you want and theres options in the gui for reports. Ex, hacking, autoclicking etc. I can do the other stuff I was just wondering how can I make it so if you right click a player it opens a gui, but if you wanna make the other stuff in the gui you can.
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