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Hi @Chocolatum,

When you mean you can't activate commands on your server, do you mean using command blocks or general commands? If general commands:

- Make sure you have the permissions to run those commands. If you are unsure about having them, try to see if you are an operator

If no permissions/unsure and want to OP yourself:

- Go to "APPEARANCE" after starting up your server and pressing on "EDIT SERVER", then scrolling down to "SERVER COMMANDS" and typing "op [player]" where you replace [player] with your in-game username.

If command blocks:

- Make sure command blocks are enabled on your server. You can check this with going to "SETTINGS" after starting up your server and pressing on "EDIT SERVER", then scrolling down and seeing if command blocks are enabled/disabled.

If command blocks are disabled:

- Allow command blocks, then restart your server so the changes take effect.'


If these suggestions doesn't seem to work or help, I suggest going through your logs and seeing if there is a problem. You can check my guide on accessing logs here.

PS: Next time when asking for help, please ask these questions under the Help section in the forums.

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Moved to Help.

Hopefully Bandit’s detailed solution helps. Let us know if it does.

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