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Skript causing blocks not loading



So, The server is being destroyed. Blocks are disappearing out of nowhere and nothing in the logs, and every time I restart server it will loose blocks, and plugins will be disabled, and my skripts are not functioning. I littarally SAW blocks getting deleted by something like a blast pickaxe, while when I do /list no-one is on. I opened a ticket and support said it was skript and she skript was out of her skillset. Any way I can fix this?

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Can you paste all of your skripts somewhere and link them here so that I can overlook it all? Also, please list all of your plugins.

The name of your server would also be helpful. You can PM me on the forums if you don't feel comfortable saying it here.

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7 hours ago, UltraPheonix211 said:

Ok, name is betakraft, and ill try to list the skripts.


Please also include the plugins.

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