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How do I delete the "world" file from my server



I've recently tried to transfer my world to Minehut from another server host. After a bit of struggling I was able to upload the world. But I have to use the /world {ul_worldname} to teleport to the world. Which is not an option as it would require everyone to have op. How do I make the server default to the uploaded world. I've tried deleting the original world file from the website so the server defaults to the new world. But the original world file just reappears after I restart the website or restart the server. I think the simplest way to fix my issue is just delete the "world" file. But its not working. If anyone knows how I can permanently delete the file it would be helpful. 

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All you need to do is change the level name! This can be found under Settings on the panel, under the Level name option. Just replace the default text "world" with your world's exact name. Keep in mind, you need to include ul_ if the world name includes that. Press the save button and restart your server! You should be good! I attached an outdated tutorial below that may help some with guidance if you need it.


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2 hours ago, joewfjifeffeefe said:

Great but how about for the nether and end

The default nether and end are dimensions, found within your default world file. They should be named Dim -1 and Dim 1. If your default world doesn't have one spigot should attempt to automatically create one when you enter that dimension.

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