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how do i sell warps as items?


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so i am making miningpvp and i have some islands that is need warps to but i dont know how to make them with skript if u know how to then plz send me the skript it is a item (i can change the item myself so it dosnt matter to much) that can be right clickd and then u can tp to a location i want to beable to put them in a shop like shopkeepers from the plugin shopkepper thank u very much.

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Well firstly, you seem like you don't know Skript at all, so it might be helpful to learn sometime.

If you want to sell warps as an item you will need to create a skript where a certain named item teleports the player to warp, then you put that exact item in the Shopkeepers GUI to be traded for, which I assume you already know how to do.

If the name of the item or name color of the item is different than the one in the Shopkeepers GUI, it won't work, so ensure you get the item from the command I am going to make and put that in the Shopkeeper GUI. Then, delete the command thereafter.


command /givewarp:
	permission: op 
    	give 1 of eye of ender named "&eWarp Item" with lore "&eWarp1" #Replace Warp1 with the name of your warp.

on right click:
	player's held item's name contains "&eWarp Item" #Checks if it's the right item
	set {_l} to line 1 of lore of player's held item #Sets the lore to a variable to then be used
    execute console command "/warp %player% %{_l}%" #Makes console teleport the player to the warp which is stored in the lore of the item.

Not tested, but it should very well work. It is explained. Change what you need, and hopefully this will help you on your toes and you can learn something from tweaking with it.

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