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Why don't the Bedrock Minehut server work?


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Why is it that every time I try to join the Minehut server (IP is bedrock.minehut.com, and I am using the default port, 19132), it don't want to connect? I have tried for a couple of days, but I was only ever able to do it once. Is the server still being worked on for Bedrock or what? Thanks for any help I can get because I really want to test out Geyser.

Minecraft 4_9_2021 1_09_05 PM.png

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Hey, all your connection information is correct. The problem is that, the bedrock proxy suffers with a few problems.


Here, as stated by Trent, Minehut will be down on Monday for a maintenance.
He also mentioned "Update to latest Geyser / Bedrock release", meaning, this will help fix the current problems which bedrock proxy faces.

Until then, all you can do is wait 🙂


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15 hours ago, pizzaschut said:

whats the time for monday night for +1 GMT?

About 1:00 to 4:00 am. For future reference, a click on that link (http://bit.ly/mhmaint25) in the announcement should automatically convert it.

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