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Minehut Deleting Accounts

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I hate MINEHUT Because YOU CANT DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT without the FORM LAGGING and there NOT being a BIG RED button saying 'here you can delete your account'. But I wish there WAS! If some admin on Minehut or whatever sees this then DELETE my account so I can create a new one!! 😠

(Very angry about this, sorry).

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11 hours ago, pizzaschut said:

Though u will lose ur servers + ur credits i think

Not unless you specify. Yes, your servers may be deleted but you can remake them. It'll take time to get it back to it's original version, but credits can most likely be added to your account.

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Thank you Minehut for years of fun.

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Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having. As mentioned, the only way to fully delete your Minehut account is by creating a support ticket, however, if you're planning on just creating another, might I ask why? There is probably another way to accomplish what you want to.

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