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bikojo's staff apply

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Discord username and tag:bikojo#9916
Playtime (Use /playtime):18.3hours i am more actif in streams and discord
Punishment history: no

Why should we choose you to be accepted over other players?
as i am often online in the server and streams and i think this would help you grow the server / twitch channel but i also have 2 screens and this way i can be online on discor and server or serve and stream and i think this could be a big advantage
What makes a good moderator?
I have a lot of experience with moderating chat and I think that I can easily talk to people and, for example, make the chat more alive and let people co-ordinate in the stream / server
On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your ability to catch and punish cheaters?
If the last answer was not a 10, why?
I don't have 10 because I don't think anyone can be perfect but I do think I will be able to help a lot by playing the game myself and seeing when people hack and thanks I can do something about it
What experience do you have on other servers, if you are no longer there, why?
I was staff on genius and pleasure and a bender server. But these are all dead and nobody plays them anymore so I don't play it anymore (I still have steets admin / mod)

Explain to us, a time you showed maturity during a time of stress:
for example if the server were botned and everyone spam advertist another server the first thing i would do is whitlist the server to make sure no new bots join and then mute the chat so they don't advertise i would go to the staff team ask to help kick everyone who has ad set and then keep the server whitlisted for another 10 min so they don't join again
When you have made a mistake, what did you learn from it? (Explain a mistake related to moderation):
I used to be a helper in a server and someone started calling me names because I have dyslecksia and I don't like that so I started to care but when the owner came he only wanted to see the side of person A and not mine but I learned from this that I must then keep calm and  warner him for player / saff disrespect
Explain a time where you showed good perseverance, a drive to continue:
when I was in the 2nd I really had no more in school but I kept going and now I like it better and I already get better marks

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Thanks for applying
Unfortunately we will be denying this staff application, if you would like to know the full reason, feel free to DM me on discord.

Twitch Affiliate, YouTuber and Minehut Content Creator

(100,000+ Combined Views, 1,100+ Combined Followers & Subs, 20,000+ Combined Unique Players)

[YOUTUBE] Centrect

 Please don't DM me for support, go here or join Minehut's Discord if you need assistance.


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