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how to put on commands


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5 hours ago, Wiltsu5 said:

I need help I want to put on commands on my Minecraft server because I want to see my seed. But when I put ''/seed'' it says: I am sorry, but you don't have permission to perform this command. so can someone help me plz?

Hey, you will have to make yourself a server operator first.

Follow these steps:

-> Go to https://minehut.com/dashboard.

-> Click on Edit Server.

-> Go to Appearance tab.

-> Then find a card named Server Command.

-> Type in the following: op CoolProgrammer
Of-course replace CoolProgrammer with your in-game name. ūüôā

-> Click on Send.

-> Go back in-game and then try /seed again.

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Question answered. Topic locked.

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