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Staff Application Take 3 >.<


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IGN: Zymm_
Discord username and tag: Zymm_#2465
Playtime (Use /playtime): 30 Mins - 1 h
Punishment history: I were punished on a few servers because the admins were 5 year olds lol.

Why should we choose you to be accepted over other players? You should accept me because I have the needed qualifications. I use grammar, I am nice, I am supportive and helpful. I really like to help and I also got much experience in staffing. I chose to apply for mod here because I wanna see the server clean and organized and not in a mess. This server's really cool and I wanna help it out.
What makes a good moderator? A good moderator makes a few things. A good moderator uses grammar, doesn't abuse, is being supportive and professional. Unprofessionality may lead to an demotion, And I don't wanna be demoted.
On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate your ability to catch and punish cheaters? 9
If the last answer was not a 10, why? I can detect cheats very easy but I must know that you got a longer range on 1.16. Also Netherite armor gives you Knockback resistance. These are not cheats. But if a player has 10 Blocks range it isn't legit anymore. 
What experience do you have on other servers, if you are no longer there, why? I were staff on SpaceGens. I had a great time there and I learned a lot from it. I resigned because I didn't like the server anymore.  I were also staff on AcentraMC. AcentraMC is a Skyblock server with 1200+ Members. I resigned from there because the server got boring and lost players, so I resigned from being staff there. I also were staff on smaller servers like ChyPvP, JartexPvP, ClashGens etc. I have much experience, I am mature and ready to help your server out! 

Explain to us, a time you showed maturity during a time of stress: I cutted the stress. I concentrated on one stress or complaint whatever step by step and I showed maturity during that time.
When you have made a mistake, what did you learn from it? (Explain a mistake related to moderation): I accidently false banned a player once. I unbanned them and said Sorry.
Explain a time where you showed good perseverance, a drive to continue: I was a legend mod on some servers, They loved me I swear.

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Application Denied.

Thanks for taking the time to apply again, however, I will be denying this application due to the two week grace period between applications not being fully met. If you would like to apply again, please wait two weeks from this message.

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