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It won't let me unban my friends



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2 minutes ago, absolutelyradical said:

I did ban @a once as a joke and it won't let me unban anyone even from a different account and even from the server command line

Hello! Make sure you're using the commands:

/pardon (user)
/unban (user)

If it's still not functioning, consider deleting your banned-players.json file in the Server file manager.


Hope this helped! 😄

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40 minutes ago, absolutelyradical said:

It does not work. It worked for 1 person but failed for the rest

Depends on what plugins you have installed on your server. Here's a list of every possible command to unban your friends:

/minecraft:pardon (playername)

/pardon (playername)

/unban (playername)

/essentials:pardon (playername)

/essentials:unban (playername)

/advancedban:unban (playername)

If after you do all these it still doesn't work then you can always delete the banned players .json file.

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