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Anyone want a script making?

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6 hours ago, asddwsaawsd said:

I need a skript that sends death messages for certain events like when a player gets killed by void it says "died in void" and if the player died with lightning strike it says "died with thor" and etc. can  u do dat?

  2. 1 minute ago, Rip_juice_wrld said:

    can you help me code a /sellall skript?



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i have dis


  1. command /sellall:
  2. permission: sellall.use
  3. cooldown: 45 minutes
  4. trigger:
  5. loop all items in player's inventory:
  6. if player has dirt:
  7. set {_dirt} to number of dirt in player's inventory
  8. remove all dirt from player
  9. add 4*{_dirt} to {balance::%player%}
  10. if player has grass block:
  11. set {_grassblock} to number of grass block in player's inventory
  12. remove all grass block from player
  13. add 6*{_grassblock} to {balance::%player%}
  14. if player has cobblestone:
  15. set {_cobblestone} to number of cobblestone in player's inventory
  16. remove all cobblestone from player
  17. add 1*{_cobblestone} to {balance::%player%}
  18. if player has ender pearl:
  19. set {_enderpearl} to number of ender pearl in player's inventory
  20. remove all ender pearl from player
  21. add 31*{_enderpearl} to {balance::%player%}
  22. if player has stone:
  23. set {_stone} to number of stone in player's inventory
  24. remove all stone from player
  25. add 4*{_stone} to {balance::%player%}
  26. if player has any log:
  27. set {_log} to number of log in player's inventory
  28. remove all log from player
  29. add 2*{_log} to {balance::%player%}
  30. if player has melon slice:
  31. set {_melonslice} to number of melon slice in player's inventory
  32. remove all melon slice from player
  33. add 23*{_melonslice} to {balance::%player%}
  34. if player has sugar cane:
  35. set {_sugarcane} to number of sugar cane in player's inventory
  36. remove all sugar cane from player
  37. add 8*{_sugarcane} to {balance::%player%}
  38. if player has diamond:
  39. set {_diamond} to number of diamond in player's inventory
  40. remove all diamond from player
  41. add 47*{_diamond} to {balance::%player%}
  42. if player has iron ingot:
  43. set {_ironingot} to number of iron ingot in player's inventory
  44. remove all iron ingot from player
  45. add 23*{_ironingot} to {balance::%player%}
  46. if player has gold ingot:
  47. set {_goldingot} to number of gold ingot in player's inventory
  48. remove all gold ingot from player
  49. add 31*{_goldingot} to {balance::%player%}
  50. if player has emerald:
  51. set {_emerald} to number of emerald in player's inventory
  52. remove all emerald from player
  53. add 78*{_emerald} to {balance::%player%}
  54. if player has coal:
  55. set {_coal} to number of coal in player's inventory
  56. remove all coal from player
  57. add 8*{_coal} to {balance::%player%}
  58. if player has brick:
  59. set {_brick} to number of brick in player's inventory
  60. remove all brick from player
  61. add 8*{_brick} to {balance::%player%}
  62. if player has glowstone dust:
  63. set {_glowstonedust} to number of glowstone dust in player's inventory
  64. remove all glowstone dust from player
  65. add 15*{_glowstonedust} to {balance::%player%}
  66. if player has nether quartz:
  67. set {_netherquartz} to number of nether quartz in player's inventory
  68. remove all nether quartz from player
  69. add 15*{_netherquartz} to {balance::%player%}
  70. if player has nether brick:
  71. set {_netherbrick} to number of nether brick in player's inventory
  72. remove all nether brick from player
  73. add 23*{_netherbrick} to {balance::%player%}
  74. if player has flint:
  75. set {_flint} to number of flint in player's inventory
  76. remove all flint from player
  77. add 16*{_flint} to {balance::%player%}
  78. if player has wheat:
  79. set {_wheat} to number of wheat in player's inventory
  80. remove all wheat from player
  81. add 23*{_wheat} to {balance::%player%}
  82. if player has sugar:
  83. set {_sugar} to number of sugar in player's inventory
  84. remove all sugar from player
  85. add 23*{_sugar} to {balance::%player%}
  86. if player has beetroot:
  87. set {_beetroot} to number of beetroot in player's inventory
  88. remove all beetroot from player
  89. add 23*{_beetroot} to {balance::%player%}
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