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  1. hey can u code me a scoreboard with generator cap beside it
  2. i have dis command /sellall: permission: sellall.use cooldown: 45 minutes trigger: loop all items in player's inventory: if player has dirt: set {_dirt} to number of dirt in player's inventory remove all dirt from player add 4*{_dirt} to {balance::%player%} if player has grass block: set {_grassblock} to number of grass block in player's inventory remove all grass block from player add 6*{_grassblock} to {balance::%player%}
  3. can you help me code a /sellall skript?
  4. and it just tells me to do /shop when ever i click on the things there
  5. Just a question, can i add more shops like , Generator shop where they can buy generator
  6. Btw do you know any free shop Skripts? im trying to get / make one for my gen server but i can't find one
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