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  2. AS A person who likes ppizzaaaaaaa concratz U ARE UNBANEDD jk sad noises warzone never trust us
  3. Username: i9y What punishment did you receive: autoclicker Was the punishment fair: No, not at all Why should you be unpunished: I didn't do anything and I am not allowed to get a punishment whiteout doing anything What were the events that led to your punishment: I was just playing on a cold winter with a nice fire and playing warzone i was pvping whit a 14 cps (butterfly) + lag and BOOM! got banned Additional comments: I am banned for more then 1 year please unban why can't u just let me play idc if u guys have lag btw BHUT lag can also look u hacking btw hackers Wo
  4. Hallo mijn naam is i9y van men 10nde begon ik met Minecraft spelen ik was altijd al en klein kind geweest en wist niet eens hoe ik moest hacked ik zeg het wel eerlijk ik wouw wel en hack client hebben maar ik was toen nog te dom tot op de dag van van daag ben ik nog steeds gebaat voor auto clicker ik heb geen auto clicker maar als ik tenminste fout heb gedaan dan spijt het mij er zijn niet zoveel spelers online op warzone maar het is men lieveling server en ik zouw koste wat het kost er op willen Beste, Staff team ik hoop dat jullie mijn apeal accepteren
  5. i am dutch so please don't judge my apply because of my writing I am just want to say I got banned for auto clicker bhut I wasn't using auto clicker I was sweat and going like 13 cps and my vacation of my school is coming soon I try to get unbanned long time ago but its then vacation please unban me all my friends playing it so don't let me stuck here PLEASE
  6. How to make a void world ??? whit settings because I have max plugins and idont know how to a void world please help
  7. my username: i9y punishment: autoclicker fair: it was un fair I got 10 cps and combos unban: I would like to get unbanned because warzone is my life all my friends play it and I am the only one who can't so please benny unban me
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