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  1. BRO I CAN'T PUT ANY WORLDS ONTO MY SERVER, WHENEVER I TRY TO IT SAYS error occurred please try again AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO and it is a zip file  @83y



    1. yeetus6665
    2. AgentGamerPro


      @yeetus6665hes been banned from posting if you havent noticed

  2. Feels nothing like Christmas 0_0
  3. 83y

    Cant join severs

    Make sure you are on the latest version of minecraft.
  4. Sometimes the difficulty can reset. re-check if its on easy again the next time you boot up your server.
  5. Publicly shame them, because their a trash helper, all they do is attention seek.
  6. 83y

    Allow public shamming

    I am not trying to harass them, i'm trying to show that the staff team is garbo, and that they unfairly punish players regularly.
  7. "I know you might not be able to see that its fair, but it just is" Yes banning me without a reason is fair I would love for you to send me that picture of my swearing. DM me on here, post it, DM me on discord. idc
  8. I am not here to PRIVATELY appeal, I'm here to show how pathetic the staff team is and that it needs to change, when I do appeal I just get rejected by the SAME mod who banned me.
  9. It wasn't a fight, it was a argument and they didn't like what I was saying so they abused their powers and banned me for "Swearing" even though I haven't sworn once. I was having an argument with a girl helper, so obviously her simps call it "justified"
  10. My last post was taken down without a reason, why is this?
  11. They won't do this @MasonsOcean_53. Trust me. Unless they were to stop the lag or decrease it, they won't as you can only have like 6 plugins before your server lags.
  12. Hey

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    2. 83y


      You always beat me to peoples posts xD

    3. _Tarna_


      lol. Just trying to get 2020 posts by the end of 2020. 1974/2020 of the way. 

    4. 83y


      oh, lol, haven't even gotten 100 yet.

  13. 83y


    Hope to see you around
  14. Make sure you haven't double zipped it, so when you extract it its not a folder inside a folder. I think that can cause invalid files sometimes. @potatochrisps
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