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How to input a Skript


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How to input a Skript

Lets begin by getting the plugin.

Step 1: Click HERE to go to your Minehut dashboard.

Step 2: Find your server and make sure it is online. You can start it by clicking the blue "ACTIVATE" or "START" button depending if your server is hibernating or not.

Step 3: Once your server has started click on the blue "EDIT SERVER" button.

Step 4: Once you have specified what server you are editing, click the "PLUGINS" tab at the top of your dashboard

Step 5: Search "Skript"

Step 6: You must have the plugin labeled "Skript" and only skript but other addons can help.

Step 7: If you would like to enhance what you can do with skript scroll down to learn about what each plugins can do.

How to insert the Skript into your server

Step 1: Click the tab labeled as "FILE MANAGER", this should be to the right of the plugins tab.

Step 2: Click "PLUGINS", this is not the plugins tab, this should be a folder below.

Step 3: Search for the folder labeled as "Skript".

Step 4: Once in Skript folder, click on the "scripts" folder.

Step 5: Now you must click the create a file button. There is an image below displaying that. You can name it what ever you want but you must put ".sk" at the end of it.

Step 6: Open the notepad you just created in the dashboard.

Step 7: Paste your skript into that notepad.

Step 8: Click "Save" and then you can exit it.

Using Skript in game

To use skript in game you must use "/sk reload (The name of the file you crated)". You can also restart your server for the skript to work.

Other Skript addons

skQuery: Learn HERE
TuSKe: Learn HERE
skRayFall: Learn HERE
Skellet: Learn HERE

More are listed in the plugins tab of your dashboard.



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