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Connecting multiple servers together?



Hey, I'm working on multiple servers right now (prison, anarchy, skyblock etc.) and I want to have a main hub where players can join the other servers but I can't find any commands that let's the players join another server while in a server.

(Note: I know that you can join servers by doing /join in the minehut lobby but I want to redirect the players to another server FROM my own server.)

I heard that there was a /server command before but it is removed, does anyone know when it will come back or the reason why it got removed? is there any other way to redirect players to another server? thank you šŸ™‚

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Ya there was aĀ /serverĀ command that got removed but there is no eta on when it will be added back. It is in the planned section in the Meta Github but there are many planned things in there. So currently, there isn't a way to teleport a player from one Minehut server directly to another. You would either have to manually direct players to a server or just use different worlds.Ā 


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