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Is there a way to move an already made world with stuff in it- into minecraft realms or any different multiplayer server? (that isnt minehut)



I have an SMP world and I have been paying to extend the amount of people on the server, however it can get to the point where it is unplayable because it will kick everyone out of the server and nobody can join for a while. Is there any way that I can grab my server and move it elsewhere (WITH KEEPING ALL THE BUILDS, PROGRESS, and STUFF) ? I have been using this and usually there isn't any problems but suddenly there has been so much problems occurring that it is making it impossible to play. I would like to move it to a minecraft realm, is that possible?

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Of-course this can be done, but will require some efforts. Minehut allows you to download worlds stored on your server. If you are talking about progress such as advancements, xp, inventory, etc. this data is stored in the main world folder. (i.e. Level Name). The Level Name can be found under the Panel, Settings tab. If it's "world" by default, then you're good to go.

First off, start with these commands:

• /dl world world

• /dl world world_nether

• /dl world world_the_end


Note that, when you download "world", it has all your player's inventories, advancements, etc. stored in it.

Once you have these downloaded, you can use these world folders on your external hosting (not sure how it would be done on realms). If you have a server hosting ready, you need to do the following:

• Stop the server

• Go to the file manager

• Delete existing folders on the server named "world", "world_nether" and "world_the_end"

• Manually upload the downloaded world folders you got from Minehut.

• Start back the server, and your progress is back.

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