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Bungeecord error



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To join the server you must both be on the Minecraft version 1.8.0 all the way to 1.14.4, if you are in 1.7 and under or using a client that isn't well known then switch to what I said you should be on, if this doesn't help, then I recommend forwarding this to other communities, as I know others have these issues, if you have any plugins some may be causing this error due to outdated code. I also recommend that you are on the same version, so you can have the same blocks. If this doesn't work from my furthermore suggestions, I'm 99.999% positive that removing all your plugins then adding them 1 by 1 back again will work, I've tried it, and this has happened to me, some others don't find my ways to work, but please try this.


If this doesn't work go to the support section of the site.

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