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  1. I started vex network not too long ago. I need 3 administrators. 5 moderators. 1 builder. No pay. That's it. Friend me. Java#7342
  2. I have recently put my server, vexnetwork.minehut.gg, online! I am looking for users that can use PermissionsEx, or zPermissions. I am also looking for builders, moderators, and administrators. Discord: https://discord.gg/pnbvDJ
  3. LieutenantJaden

    Server Crashes

    So, the problem is, since you bought 15 server slots, right? When one more player joins, but manages to actually slip in, they probably will make the server crash, I recommend doing the following command: '/whitelist on' when you have the max players. When you lose on, you can just simply do '/whitelist off', although, this is a lot of work, you can just hire staff to do this, which I find a good use of moderators, and administrators.
  4. LieutenantJaden

    still on {0}

    So, this means that you have to switch versions, if you are in 1.7 or earlier start up your launcher, click on the 'Installations' tab, then click '+ new..', change the name to whatever, but click the version dropdown button, click on anything that is above 1.8, or under 1.14.4, you both are to do this. Also, I recommend removing all plugins with the description that mentions 'BungeeCord', if you don't find any, remove them all, then, add them back 1 by 1.
  5. I believe that functions are included with a datapack, or a .mcfunction file, if I'm correct. You might be able to upload these, but if you are asking where it's in the datapacks folder, if you can't find that I recommend going to this. You must have minimal logic of code in the language JSON.
  6. I believe Minehut does not allow you to create your own plugins and upload them, if you are going to test your plugins I recommend making a server the classic way, which does help a lot. But, if it is possible to convert your code into Skript code if you know how to code in Skript, there is your second option.
  7. LieutenantJaden


    I think you should fill out the Player Appeal format, I'm not really experienced with this forum thing yet, but I'm pretty sure if you appeal here it will work out.
  8. To join the server you must both be on the Minecraft version 1.8.0 all the way to 1.14.4, if you are in 1.7 and under or using a client that isn't well known then switch to what I said you should be on, if this doesn't help, then I recommend forwarding this to other communities, as I know others have these issues, if you have any plugins some may be causing this error due to outdated code. I also recommend that you are on the same version, so you can have the same blocks. If this doesn't work from my furthermore suggestions, I'm 99.999% positive that removing all your plugins then adding them
  9. This issue comes across many users, I think it's because the user isn't opped. To op a user, they must go to the server panel and go to the tab 'Home', and in the block that says 'Server Command', in the textarea they are to type the following: | /op {username} | When he does this he should now be able to teleport to someone, or a set of coordinates.
  10. Yeah, hi. I'm a builder. Reply to this if you want me for a builder on your server. That's about it.
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