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Unbreakable pick when join


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How do you make a pick unbreakable, add a name, and enchant it. This is all i have so far it gives a pick on 1st join but its not unbreakable.


on join:
    if {Joinpick} does not contain player's uuid:
    add player's uuid to {Joinpick}
    add wooden pickaxe to player

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I'm not the sharpest on this area, but I think this should work.

on join:
    if {joinpick::*} does not contain player's uuid:
        set {_item} to unbreakable wooden pickaxe named "&aTest" 
        enchant {_item} with efficiency 5
        add {_item} to player
        add player's uuid to {joinpick::*}

It should work perfectly fine. Please let me know if I'm incorrect.

Continue this thread if you need more help.




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