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Minehut's very own random chat messages! [Includes script file!]


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Hello! Most of you might know that if you do ez in chat on hypixel, Random stuff will be said in chat! So I made something like that! What I'm about to show you is what messages could be told if minehut made one for themselves!

1. "I'll pay you 10000 credits if you make me a server."
2. "Mike the angel is such an angel"
3. "I heard you like minehut, so I made a server so you can make a server, while playing in the actully minehut server!"
4. "In my free time I like to watch Trent being bad at pvp"
5. "Have you ever heard of BennyMakesStuff, BennyCooksStuff, BennyBuysStuff or BennyHatesStuff"
6. "I bet no one can recreate hypixel in minehut!"
7."I'm amazing with script but somehow suck at command blocks? So how am I so good?"
8."I bet the best staff member is BennyBansAndMutesStuff"
9. "Who's better at afking? Trent or me???"
10. "Seeing minehut broken puts a smile on my face."

So that's what I have! I have 6 other's but I was very lazy to be adding them in (sorry lol) I have made a skript if you guys want to make your own! (It includes all these jokes I made here!) Sorry if for some reason it's not working I'm kinda new to script... I hope you all enjoy it!

Minehut's random messages.txt

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