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Needing help with Skript Teleportation


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Hi, so I wanted to make a code for my server that teleports someone whenever they trigger the condition.

I changed it to a command to make it simpler, but even then I cannot figure out the code.

Here is the code:


command /teleporttest:
        teleport the player to location(x: 15, y: 4, z: 63, world: ul_ColoMiners):

(ColoMiners is the world name)

I tried looking on every forum and documentation website and I couldn't find anything.

I am fairly new to skript, so please try to answers simple. Help would be appreciated 🙂


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The correct usage of the location function is location(x, y, z, world "world"). You don't use : and specify the x y or z. Here is an example where it is filled in. teleport player to location(0, 100, 0, world "world")

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