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How much money does Minehut make per month?



I know I can just calculated myself. But I'm trash at Math since I don't know what 5+8 equals. Anyways, I was wondering how much money Minehut's income is. For example, they get money for people buying the ranks (pretty useless). I think they make around 100 - 800$ for ranks. In other words for the servers I'm highly not sure. For example, If 100 players pays 9400 credits every month which is around 50$. Minehut would be making around 5000$ a month. But I don't think this is really accurate. Can someone please tell me the correct answer of how much Minehut makes per month?



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It's more they probably have partnerships and they used to have ads on their website. I can't give an estimated figure but 5k doesn't seem like a sustainable figure in comparison to how expensive server hosting can be. 


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