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Hi there,


I am looking for someone to create a server that me and my 5 friends can play together. I would like to have some plugins that make it easy to play and have no lag. I would also like to have some fun plugins that make it fun to play and interact with each other. Could this server be free and be called something fun. 


Thank you in advance

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Well, I kind only can complain about your friends internet then... Also I think if you just want a survival world, then you mustn't need any plugins.

And if it's really just Minehut be lagging, then well... I guess you'd just have to live with a free host that lags a tiny bit. But if anyone else would actually let you host a server with a paid plan, then you may be in luck! (Again, that is if anyone wills to.)

It would be 256952237757169664.png.d18a09670746c6c6079d9c16a0ee3647.png if you could upvote my post if you found it helpful.


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MiNeHuT iS tOo LaGgY 

For plugins use google it has everything you need unless you don't want to read or watch a video, but that's just how learning works.

For the lag it depends on your friend's internet, location, capacity, ect... Heck could even be your guy's hardware. Yes your server has 1GB of a ram with the free plan but that is more than enough for some friends to play survival. If you don't know much about the server hosting world Minehut is more than generous to offer what it does.

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