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  1. Or is it? (There's probably still stuff to find but so far I took *most* of the stuff I found) Edit: you can wear the armor
  2. Ria

    Server aint working

    Could you check the logs please and look for any errors at the bottom? (latest.log)
  3. Ria


    You can try to add a different 1.8 combat plugin (Like OldCombatMechanics) and then try to remove it afterwards. The server should at least booted up once with the plugin. It might work out, but I cannot guarantee if it will work with the changes of the BackToTheRoots plugin.
  4. Something something tells me that you probably screwed up in making a GUI, though this is just pure assumption edit: I may be stupid check your syntax please.
  5. you've never been to a good box when you haven't checked this out or if you dislike boxes, you can help us fighting against a moderator about to splash another moderator join it while you can - limited time offer only edit: since ever chillins built a track around the box nobody went in there anymore
  6. You don't. Minehut does not allow cracked players to join any player servers on here.
  7. Ria

    Lost VIP Rank

    I am quite unsure what to do as my rank got removed without any warning while I was taking a break from here, so I thought the *probably* best thing would be to post this here before going straight for support. Though to be fair, I've obtained the rank from a giveaway back in 2018, the new dashboard didn't exist back then so there is no trace of a purchase being made (I believe). I still have several screenshots with my rank on the scoreboard, so as a small proof I took the most recent one, which was way back in May. My username (like shown on the screenshot) is Jecket.
  8. Oh thanks for the responses, I didn't expect that to get any kind of attention at all for this haha Now sure thinking about it, I should've probably rethought about the first idea (which could be blocking others trying to help) and the last one (as barely anyone would hit the limit) as both barely make any sense. Other than that though, I just want to quickly clearify the verification thing as I haven't made too much thoughts about it, the verification process shouldn't be as complex as it sounds like, it's just making sure "yep the server that is advertised is owned by this person" and noth
  9. Since Minehut's update of November 2nd the amount of advertisements in lobbies have been greatly reduced from what I've seen, though not everyone is using the new feature /ad to advertise, they still do it through the chat. I don't want to do anything controversial nor force something people maybe don't like, this is just a suggestion. This is mainly directed to the developers, but I wouldn't mind any responses or comments regarding to this. Simple and lazy: Block the message If I am correct, people can still say "please do /join xyzabc" without any punishment so far (supposing there
  10. Ria

    Minehut Server Laggy

    Try restarting your server, or maybe check what your current latency is. It shouldn't be a too big problem if it's below 200ms
  11. Ria

    Minehut discord

    Wrong section bud, you might want to appeal instead of just saying "unban kthx". https://forums.minehut.com/forum/818-reports-appeals-information/
  12. EIGHT that's a quite bunch, but oh well, congrats to all of the new staff!
  13. Ria

    How's your day?

    hold on it's mine too
  14. hey hold on I can then add you back right (sorry if this is necroposting but I need to know)
  15. Might aswell just wonder what a Push Skript is supposed to do...
  16. Simple as that, command /discord: trigger: send "&bJoin our Discord on &nhttps://discord.gg/linkshouldbehere" to the player You can also check the SkUnity docs, they have some examples there too.
  17. Some Skripts you mentioned are available at sites like SkUnity or Spigot, but also https://skriptify.xyz/ has scripts that may help you out. Or if you are lazy enough to not open such pages, there is also a Script Releases section on this forum, so you can probably scrape some scripts there! not gonna self advertise but I do have a Nick script if you need one
  18. Ria

    My server is outdated

    Did you try to use the latest snapshot version? Or did you install any plugins like ProtocolSupport or ViaVersion?
  19. All in all looks like a pretty simple skript but every 0.1 tick: is not a good idea, especially with multiple players being on the server. Maybe add it as a function instead or just let it loop around every few seconds and not every tick.
  20. I've took a break from Minehut that lasted almost a year. Dam, I've been missing out on so much it seems, despite it's just being a year! now hap e
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