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  1. Ria

    Minehut Server Laggy

    Try restarting your server, or maybe check what your current latency is. It shouldn't be a too big problem if it's below 200ms
  2. Ria

    Minehut discord

    Wrong section bud, you might want to appeal instead of just saying "unban kthx". https://forums.minehut.com/forum/818-reports-appeals-information/
  3. EIGHT that's a quite bunch, but oh well, congrats to all of the new staff!
  4. "smh you're just setting arch linux improperply" Jokes aside, it's really a bit more difficult than you might think in the first place.
  5. Ria

    How's your day?

    hold on it's mine too
  6. hey hold on I can then add you back right (sorry if this is necroposting but I need to know)
  7. Might aswell just wonder what a Push Skript is supposed to do...
  8. Fun fact, I was friends with xMuel
  9. Simple as that, command /discord: trigger: send "&bJoin our Discord on &nhttps://discord.gg/linkshouldbehere" to the player You can also check the SkUnity docs, they have some examples there too.
  10. Some Skripts you mentioned are available at sites like SkUnity or Spigot, but also https://skriptify.xyz/ has scripts that may help you out. Or if you are lazy enough to not open such pages, there is also a Script Releases section on this forum, so you can probably scrape some scripts there! not gonna self advertise but I do have a Nick script if you need one
  11. Ria

    My server is outdated

    Did you try to use the latest snapshot version? Or did you install any plugins like ProtocolSupport or ViaVersion?
  12. All in all looks like a pretty simple skript but every 0.1 tick: is not a good idea, especially with multiple players being on the server. Maybe add it as a function instead or just let it loop around every few seconds and not every tick.
  13. And 10% of the hard work goes to disabling DS-Mode on your router Anyways, sounds a bit too much for such few (and for the users a bit too expensive), but I'd love to see a custom IP-Address routing.
  14. I've took a break from Minehut that lasted almost a year. Dam, I've been missing out on so much it seems, despite it's just being a year! now hap e
  15. Security n stuff. You really don't want anyone to add their plugin that can read out other passwords! (In fact, that even happened once since Skellet was able to read out files before it got patched out)
  16. Ria

    server creation

    Well, I kind only can complain about your friends internet then... Also I think if you just want a survival world, then you mustn't need any plugins. And if it's really just Minehut be lagging, then well... I guess you'd just have to live with a free host that lags a tiny bit. But if anyone else would actually let you host a server with a paid plan, then you may be in luck! (Again, that is if anyone wills to.)
  17. Ria

    server creation

    Just make your own one, it's pretty easy.
  18. I love minehut (yes it is known that the generator doesn't work with flatworlds as of now)
  19. finna someone makes something useful with the api
  20. Try again, in worst case you have to reset your server. (Or atleast, just reset your world)
  21. Oh that usually should show it, but well apparently it didn't this time. I just tested the skript and all you need to add is "to the player" after the send message. Pretty much like that: send "&cYou cannot drop items! Do /drop first!" to the player
  22. Not a perfect skript, but also not a bad one (as for a beginner, I belive), would probably be handy for some other servers!
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