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Builder Application


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Apply for BUILDER

Before applying for the Builder role, please read through the guidelines & requirements!


- You must have a portfolio ready to show.

- You must have access to Discord and an email to be invited to staff slacks.

- You must have experience with at least 1 building style (e.g. terraining, structures)

- You must have a clear or minimal punishment history.


Using the format below, you can submit a new topic and apply today for Nectar build team!


Introductory Information:

1) Minecraft IGN:

2) Age:

3) Timezone:

4) Do you have the apps SLACK & DISCORD?

5) How much time can you contribute towards toe BUILDER role?

6) Portfolio: (UPLOAD FILE)


1) What build style are you most efficient at?

2) Have you had any previous experience on another server

3) How well can you work with a team?

4) What style do your maps usually follow?

End of application 

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