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There should be a Minehut server where you can meet friends.


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You are probably looking at the title saying bruh doesn't Minehut say meet friends at the Minehut forums well yes it does say that but the Minehut forums isn't really a place to make friends for example if I made a forums post saying PLS CAN I HAVE FRIENDS People would go like bruh and you might think I am to shy to say that well I don't want to make a fool of myself ok? Anyways I want a Minehut server where you can chat and make friends because if you heard of my last forums post I said that isn't that much variety on Minehut which means all the prison servers and farming server are just the equivalate to simulators and tycoons so obviously players are barely going to make any friends on Minehut bye saying hello and that is all I wanted to say I just wish some kind of Minehut player would make a hangout game where you can chat and make friends also if there are any of those server around pls tell me I really need to know I am lonely. 🙁

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I can't tell if this is a joke post or actually serious.


Regardless, you can meet friends on all Minehut platforms.

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