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Dungeons and Dragons Minecraft Server!


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Hey there, it'd be great if I could have some feedback for a server idea. Comment down below if you have interest!
Our idea is a:
Dungeons and Dragons themed minecraft server with custom built plugins for:
          - Custom mobs
          - Leveling system
          - Class system based on D&D
          - Real-time combat, featuring attacks, weapons, spells, and more from D&D
          - PvP features
          - And lots more to come!

If you have questions, leave them down below and I'll try and see if I can answer them. Our team is still building up the ideas and plugins, so if you are interested in helping spread word, also let me know! I'm on discord as well, so message me at ProjectTarrasque#4655 too!

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Thats true, but remember that there have been multiple editions of D&D, so its been refined over the years. In that aspect, it may be the best RPG to model. But anyhow, thank you for your feedback. We are indeed shifting it away from D&D and towards more typical MMO style games. We are, however, going to use the combat elements from D&D. By that, I mean the spells and other parts, but not the mechanics. Again, thanks a lot for the feedback.

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