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  1. I don't really have any New Year's Resolutions.
  2. In my opinion, that option would have to be premium.
  3. Welcome back to the staff team!
  4. I've seen a few other instances where this has happened to people, I recommend contacting support here.
  5. So basically this is just a chain of posting your best "ight imma head out" memes. I got some inspiration to make this, the person who makes the best meme will win something idk what tho.
  6. LuckPerms has so much more to offer than PermissionsEx does and in my opinion is the ideal choice.
  7. You can also target specific plugin commands with /[plugin-name]:[command], so you can target the vanilla gamemode command with /minecraft:gamemode, and you can target the Essentialsa gamemode command with /essentials:gamemode.
  8. Faacto

    Toxic kid

    Rather than ridiculing them on the public forums, please report them with video evidence of them griefing.
  9. hi bearinx
  10. Faacto

    epic rap thing

    i did my math homework after watching the video!!!!
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