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  1. Got that red name flex

  2. going to edit this reply once i get roasted
  3. What sort of specifics?
  4. Note: this is an ongoing study, if you want to contribute to the data, please DM me on Discord: Facto#0001.
  5. im glad you liked it mia
  6. Today, I was fairly bored and decided to collect data on 50 random servers. I used the totem in the Minehut server GUI to randomly join 50 servers, and on all of these servers I said a simple greeting. I tested how they would respond to this greeting and got a various amount of responses. The data breakdown is as follows: 22% of servers greeted me back 2% of servers recognized who I was 20% of servers banned or kicked me or told me to leave. 32% of servers were whitelisted 24% of servers either did not greet me or nobody was on the server when I joined. Attached below is the pi chart that was used to analyze my findings, I have all of the data including the server names in a spreadsheet. However, I will not be releasing the spreadsheet due to the fact that it contains all the names of the servers I joined. I personally found that fair amount of people do not know that the whitelist function exists on a server, and if they do they don't know how to turn on the whitelist. Despite this, there are still a lot of people that are educated on how to whitelist their server to keep random people from joining.
  7. I don't really have any New Year's Resolutions.
  8. In my opinion, that option would have to be premium.
  9. Welcome back to the staff team!
  10. I've seen a few other instances where this has happened to people, I recommend contacting support here.
  11. So basically this is just a chain of posting your best "ight imma head out" memes. I got some inspiration to make this, the person who makes the best meme will win something idk what tho.
  12. LuckPerms has so much more to offer than PermissionsEx does and in my opinion is the ideal choice.
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