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server fall back?



so me and my friends run a survival server with just me and like 6 others as it is a friends only server. for the past two hours we were working on a large scale project, after we get to a point where we are almost done we take a look at it and make sure its all good, while this happens we get a message saying something along the lines of main server error reverting to fall back server. after this we cant join for five minutes then when we join we have lost an hour of progress and materials. can any mods help with this or explain what went wrong? 



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2 minutes ago, nerfhibotxes said:

nope nothing of the sort just gave us the fallback server message as there was some sort of error on their side im guessing

Okay so. Go to file manager.

Then server crash reports,

Then select the latest crash report, then it should tell you what went wrong. 








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