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How do I upload a world?



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you can backup worlds using command:  /dl world <world name>

Uploading a world:
*Name example*: `world_light or light, use _ for space and no caps, NOT world light or Light`
**zip** the world folder..then
**Option 1.** use *world settings* to upload zip file and your world will be in */worlds*
(make sure server is running while uploading and someone is online so dont go in **hibernation**)
**Option 2.** upload zipped world folder to a data site i.e (**www.file.io** or **other**) copy *link*..
then ingame chat type `/ul world <world name> <link>`
**i.e** `/ul world wonder https://file.io/UWiZBg
You can use and see in */worlds*, no saving or restarting needed.. with prefix `ul_<NAME>` - (restart server if don't show).
If you use *multiverse* it wont show until you **import** the world `/mv import <world name> normal`
Extra: uploading a *schematics*.. use **option 2** but dont need to be a zipped file. `/ul schematic <name.schematic/schem> <link>`
**i.e** `/ul schematic test.schematic https://file.io/UWiZBg

To make it a default world: in server properties in level name. add name of world u want as default

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