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    well its better than the others, and has a gui menu... and way better and easy to configure,
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    stop responding then not wanted
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    kiddo, ur funny, ur thoughts, comments not wanted
  4. Jest007


    i didn't ask for your opinion... or thoughts.. again
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    Can DeluxMenus be updated.... 1.12.0 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/deluxemenus.11734/ and can Quest be added, as been tested and works on 1.14.4? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/▶-quests-◀-set-up-goals-for-players.23696/ i did asked before, but all was tested and all works fine and .. no errors
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    is this plugin gonna get added?
  7. Jest007


    check your facts 1st before posting..i tested it on 1.14.4 and works perfect, so check before commenting.
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    Request a Quest plugin to be added https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/▶-quests-◀-set-up-goals-for-players.23696/ i used this one before and its great as comes with GUI....
  9. Shop plugin has been updated finally. untested tho https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shop-conjurate-now-in-1-14.66651/
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    did'nt ask if use, i said it needs updating
  11. Jest007


    Bedwars needs updating, from 0.1.5 to 0.1.6
  12. not sure on this as recent saw.. if have multiverse they got seed option..maybe try changing in there save and see if that works..not tried was looking for something else and saw had a seed option.. maybe worth a try
  13. ... **TIP:** Use the `/dl world <world name>` to make **Backups** or your server `Worlds`, and `copy and paste` any `plugin configs` you want to keep!!... *Worlds* on `some occasions` have some how been `deleting` them self, for unknown reasons, so do Regular **Backups**.
  14. u need to create each folder and add each file one by one
  15. You cant change version, Minehut runs 1.14.3, but you can install **ProtocolSupport** so you can join using an older client version. You can also install *protocolsupportlegacychest* to fix chests.
  16. Jest007


    click top right on name .. than
  17. Jest007


    can't use /warp commands in cmd blocks. use /warps or portals to allow players to get to other worlds ONLY way..
  18. Jest007

    RAM and Player Slots

    New Ram quota's
  19. ... You have 3 **Default** *worlds : world, world_nether and world_the_end*, they are all linked together... To make a new uploaded world *Default* : **Stop** server then go to **Server Properties** then in **Level Name**.. *Change* that name to the new uploaded worlds name.. once changed and saved, **restart** server, it will then create new *Nether* and *End worlds*, all new worlds will be *linked* to each other, you can then **delete** the other 3 worlds, i.e *world, world_nether and world_the_end*.... (on a side note all playerdata saved in default *world*, in playerdata folder)..
  20. unless they removed it, its already on here.... if removed it would only be because its not been updated or not working,,,
  21. wow and the topic of one before, already says all of that...lol read.....
  22. Jest007


    None of u are really reading.. i know what i'm doing..and other's did have problems...but as of now all is fixed, and all working now, with the new update.... u all ways funny so at least there was that..lol CLOSE>>>
  23. ok u say ur on latest but it don't work.... it needs to be changed for this version that works and is the latest version CratesPlus 4.5.2 .. when installed says this is the latest and it works
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