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  1. Specxy

    How do I upload a world?

    thank you it worked1
  2. I tried watching videos on it but its different for different servers. Someone please help
  3. Specxy

    /give command issue.

    Bear no because I need an automated command block system that gives everyone a certain item every specific amount of time so I need to fix the bug with @p @e etc.
  4. Specxy

    /give command issue.

    So I recently started my server with the normal plugins such as Essentials, PermissionsEx, World Edit, World Guard, etc. My issue is is the /give command. Whenever I try to do for example /give @p minecraft:apple or something in a command block it says "Player not found". I need to know how to get the commands and /give command fixed and if someone has a solution I would really appreciate it.
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